UP ranks first in the use of biomass in power plants


New Delhi: With 70779 metric tonnes of biomass used for thermal power plants until May 2023, Uttar Pradesh is the leading state in biomass uses in the country.

Until May 2023, approximately 1, 64,976 metric tonnes of agri-residue-based biomass have been co-fired in 47 coal-fired thermal power plants across multiple states. These plants have carried out co-firing of agro residue based biomass pellets with coal.

National Capital Power Station, Dadri, Harduaganj TPS, Feroze Gandhi Unchahar Thermal Power Station, Tanda Thermal Power Station, Ambedkar Nagar, and Mahan Al. Unit- CPP in Uttar Pradesh have used 70779 metric tonnes of biomass. Other states that make extensive use of it include Maharashtra, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh.

The Ministry of Power amended the biomass policy in June this year, mandating 5% biomass co-firing in Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) beginning in fiscal year 2024-25. This obligation will rise to 7% in fiscal year 2025-26.

According to Union Power Minster R K Singh, the government has implemented various initiatives to ensure biomass pellet availability and procurement in TPPs. Finance Assistance Schemes, RBI approval, procurement provision on GeM portal, revised long-term contracts, vendor database, awareness campaigns, and bankable model project reports have been implemented.

In a policy Addendum issued in May, the Ministry of Power identified the various types of agro residues such as stubble, straw, stalk, and husk that are surplus and not being used as animal fodder for the production of biomass pellets. This includes agro-residue from crops such as paddy, soya, arhar, gwar, cotton, gramme, jawar, bajra, moong, mustard, sesame, til, maize, sunflower, jute, coffee, and so on, as well as groundnut shell, coconut shell, castor seed shell, and so on.

Furthermore, pellets made from the following agroproducts, crops, or waste can be co-fired in TPPs: bamboo and its byproducts; Horticulture waste, such as dry leaves and trimmings from tree and plant maintenance and pruning, and other biomass, such as pine cones, needles, elephant grass, sarkanda, and so on.

Approximately 1,64,976 Metric tonnes of agri-residue-based biomass have been co-fired in 47 coal-fired thermal power plants, according to the Minister, until May 2023.


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