SC goes live on National Judicial Data Grid


New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India went live on the National Judicial Data Grid today. The website is available at

The Supreme Court of India will soon be integrated in the National Judicial Data Grid platform, which will help track case pendency in court. The Supreme Court had previously been outside the purview of NJDG.

The platform, created in collaboration with the Supreme Court’s in-house team by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), will allow for real-time tracking of case pendency.

“Today is a historic day.” It is a one-of-a-kind platform created by the NIC and the Supreme Court’s in-house team. “You can now see real-time information on the pendency of cases, year-wise, the total pendency of registered and unregistered cases, and the number of cases decided Coram-wise, with the click of a button,” the CJI said.

He stated that the integration is intended to improve transparency and accountability within the judicial system. CJI Chandrachud revealed some key statistics, including the fact that there are currently 80,000 cases pending in the Supreme Court, with an additional 15,000 cases that have not yet been registered and thus are not considered pending. He also stated that over 5,000 cases were resolved in July.

He went on to say that, “583 cases are pending before three-judge benches, and I will soon set up those benches to expedite their resolution.”

Furthermore, the CJI emphasised the importance of data accuracy, recommending data cleanup to ensure that physical records match their digital counterparts. “We also need to clean up our data so that the physical record corresponds to the digital record.” “I thought we should compete with the high courts and district courts that are already on the platform,” he explained.

The efforts to integrate the Supreme Court into the NJDG began in September of last year.

The Supreme Court e-Committee approved the project, and the NIC has been working tirelessly to complete it.


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