RR Global lauds govt relief packages for industrial sector


New Delhi: RR Global Managing Director and Group President Shreegopal  Kabra has hailed relief packages for various sector by the government to meet the situation arising out of the pandemic.

“This is an excellent initiative by the government that will benefit a lot of industries. The interest rate of 8.75 per cent will be helpful to many. The focus on health and infrastructure will give a boost to the health industry,” Mr Kabra said.

RR Global Managing Director and Group President Shreegopal  Kabra

Tourism was one of the most affected sectors during the pandemic. The free visa for first 5 lakhs tourists and the proposed schemes will provide much needed support to the tourism industry which is also the need of the hour, he added.

The guarantee limit increase to 4.5 lakh crore will ensure to help the MSMEs in a big way. The increase in the ECGC limit will help Indian exporters to supply materials in credit which will not only benefit the MSMEs but also big corporates to do more business on credit thereby improving the financial cycle and their capability to explore bigger business opportunities, Mr Kabra added.

He also expressed the hope that, the increase in number of countries and the limit for NEIA will position India as a strong market in project export helping the companies wanting to initiate project exports.


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