Panasonic awards Ratti Chhatr Scholarship to 30 IIT UGs


Started in 2015, the Scholarship Program identifies and recognizes a group of talented young individuals with the potential to excel in their respective fields.

New Delhi: Establishing the ground for future innovators and leaders, Panasonic India on Sunday declared the winners of its annual scholarship program, Ratti Chhatr.

The scholarship program aims to provide assistance to select undergraduate students, enabling them to pursue higher education at their respective Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) across the country.

The 2018 Ratti Chhatr Scholarship Program received over 194 applications, of which 118 applications were shortlisted from which 30 winners from 15 IITs across the country were chosen through a rigorous screening and interviewing process.

The program aims to provide financial assistance to the aspiring engineers pursuing education from different IITs present in the country. The total scholarship amount is 42,500 INR per annum given in quarterly basis for a period of 4 years to 30 Scholars selected by Panasonic India. The program runs PAN India and is open to students in their first year of engineering studies.

Started in 2015, the Scholarship Program identifies and recognizes a group of talented young individuals with the potential to excel in their respective fields. The organization provides financial assistance and support to the young individuals from low income families who are unable to justify their admission with the educational fees.

In 2017 Panasonic India assisted 30 talented students with the tuition fees for their course for the next 4 years. The program has already actualized the engineering aspirations of 90 students, and strives onto continue this vision and perfect more ambitions in the years to come.

Speaking on this occasion, NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said, India is going through a phenomenal era from a developmental standpoint, but it still needs to push the limits in terms of innovation and creation. Those elements can only be imparted through the inflow of young innovators and disruptors, who in this new generation can take us forward into a successful period of continual glory and invention.

He expressed the hope that Ratti Chhatr Scholarship program, will serve as the perfect platform to help propel students to realize their full potential and contribute to country’s development.

“I am once again delighted to be back here to witness another batch of bright young talents, who through the assistance of Panasonic India and their persistent hard work have been able to achieve an imperative milestone in life,”he said.

Congratulating the winners, Panasonic India & South Asia President and CEO Manish Sharma said, “The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are a platform for young India to learn and excel; a platform that helps nurture leaders of tomorrow. At Panasonic India, we value the essence of education and understand the importance of providing scholarships in order to encourage the talented students to continue pushing the limits and set a mark for themselves.”

He said, “High quality skill development is the need of the hour in our country, we hope that through our efforts these students will embody that notion and emerge as imperative assets for our economy and serve the nation proudly. We congratulate the winners and hope this small token of appreciation will help them achieve their dreams.”

Commenting on the program, Ms. Ritu Ghosh, Head, Corporate Affairs & CSR, Panasonic India said, ‘’We bestowed scholarships to 30 deserving achievers to nurture and encourage the young minds. We remain duly committed to the community with various corporate social responsibility initiatives in the near future, extending the program for another 4 years. This will benefit 120 more undergraduates and bring total beneficiaries under this program to 240, thus expanding our reach and achieving our collective mission as an organization.’’

Selected student this year included: Ainy Kumari,Deepak Pal ,Ganesh Jaiswal,Kundan Kumar, Ramesh Kumar (BHU); Prashant Yadav ,Vishnu Teja Puppala(IIT Delhi) ,Pankaj Singh (Dhanbad) Shivom Aghalte(Goa),Damayanti R Sambhe, Prince Prag , Tanu Agarwal (Guwahati),Laxman Singh, Sachin Nehra(Kanpur);Debabrata Sarkar, Mayur Deshmukh, Seemarani Satapathy, Vangala Ajay Reddy (Kharagpur),Dipika Rathod,Vaskar Gorai(Mumbai),Ketan Sinha (Patna),Anmol Khemuka,Khushi,Shivam Kumar ,Juhi Aggarwal,Mohit Singha,(Ropar),Maloth Venkatesh(Bhubaneswar),Sri Varsha Pendem, Arvind Pendem (Indore)and Duggepogu Sunny from IIT Madras.

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