Noida International Airport inks deal with Amadeus to co-create digital passenger experience


New Delhi: Noida International Airport (NIA) has signed an agreement with Amadeus to provide a world-class passenger processing system (PPS) that includes common use check-in, boarding, baggage reconciliation, and DigiYatra enabled biometric capabilities.

Amadeus will design, supply, commission, operate, and maintain the cloud-hosted end-to-end PPS for Noida International Airport under the terms of the agreement.

Amadeus will also provide a slew of smart and modern capabilities, such as biometric-based DigiYatra integration at every passenger touch point, as part of the service engagement terms.

To provide a frictionless experience for travellers, self-service PPS touchpoints such as check-in kiosks, automated bag drops, and eGates will be fully integrated and communicate in real-time with airline departure control systems and other stakeholders.

Christoph Schnellmann, Chief Executive Officer of Noida International Airport said, the agreement  with Amadeus for the passenger processing system will support NIA in providing world-class services.

Sarah Samuel, SVP Airport and Airline Operations, APAC, Amadeus said, “Noida International Airport and Amadeus are working to co-create the digital passenger experience of the future.


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