No vaccine for Indian officials in Bangladesh


New Delhi: Made by India, sent by India but not meant for the Indian doctors and others working or living in Bangladesh. Yes, this the reality of vaccination in Bangladesh where third wave of the Covid has been sending alarming signals with positivity of the Covid infection rising from 10 percent to 16.5 percent within a week.

The reason is a story of apathy from New Delhi. Indian Government while giving the freebies in the form of some 30 lakh jabs to Dhaka, did not request their officials to vaccinate Indians at risk. Instead, in a communique dated 29 April 2021, Indian High Commission states, “All of us can expect to get vaccines from the host Government ‘only when they feel confident’ that they have enough in hand’… in the meanwhile,…continue to take all due precautions”.

Dr Soumya Kanti Basu laparoscopic surgeon, Evercare hospital Dhaka

Such a note by the High Commission has baffled many Indian officials in Dhaka. Dr Soumya Kanti Basu , a senior laparoscopic surgeon working at Evercare hospital in Dhaka says he has not been vaccinated against Covid-19. This hospital, one of the biggest in Dhaka has Covid dedicated wards and intensive care units with mechanical ventilation facilities.

Bangladesh is still awaiting full supply of vaccine from India as per their agreement. As of now, no vaccine.


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