Largest medical equipment expo Medicall concludes


New Delhi: With thousands of buyers, prospective investors and professional doctors from small & medium cities, towns across various specialized field conglomerated here with interests on adopting domestically manufactured, low costing high performance medical equipment being primary objective of providing better & economical medical facilities to the patients and to provide advanced medical facilities at affordable rates.

Speaking at the concluding session, Dr Manivannam, the architect of the show praised Government towards introducing Ayushmann Bharat where one could get majority of the drugs, medicines and formulations under the generic names at drastically reduced prices.

Apart from this the price capping on Stems used in heart surgery at Rs 18,000 for the Cardiac Patients is a tremendous effort towards reducing the cost of medical treatment, he added.

He said the aim of Medicall is not only to promote the sales of indigenous manufactured equipment but also to impart basic knowledge, training on running and managing hospitals at low costs.

He said imported equipment may be good but their Indian substitutes are equally good after all it is “Man behind the Machine” which matters most.

Speaking on the occasion former member of the Delhi Medical Association (DMA) Dr CM Bhagat said, “In today’s context it is something impossible for any Stand alone hospital to make profits. They make the show go on by providing a number of cross subsidies likewise from the Pharma sections and Path Lab units.”

He said there is a strong need for cost analysis of the hospitals by the Medicos however in the wake of number of questions on the cost analysis of the private hospitals Dr Bhagat, agreed that the matter could be taken up before the Bureau of Industrial Cost and Pricing (BICP) for an independent cost analysis.
JP Gupta for SG Bureau


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