Jamtara: Underbelly of Digital India


Jamtara is a sleepy town in the tribal region of Santhal Pargana. It continues to be an obscure town. But in the last few years, it got the notoriety as cyber crimes hub.

While addressing a conference on homeland security recently in Delhi, Union Home secretary Mr Rajiv Gauba said: “More than half of India’s cyber crimes, mostly committed by fraudsters posing as bank managers, were traced back to this small town. This place has become digital India’s underbelly.”

The fraudsters based in Jamtara have befooled people across the country. “The NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data has not fully captured the Jamtara’s contribution to cyber crime in the country,” he said.The Home Secretary said the fraudsters of Jamtara are committing the crime with much ease from within their homes. “These are not highly educated individuals. They are youngsters with little education. They have taken into cyber crime in a big way,” Gauba revealed.


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