FUJIFILM India inks pact with GVN Hospital for early detection of gastrointestinal cancer


New Delhi: FUJIFILM India India has announced a collaboration with GVN Hospital to launch Endo Bus, a groundbreaking mobile endoscopy unit that will revolutionise the early detection of gastrointestinal (GI) cancer throughout India.

The primary goal of this philanthropic initiative, which began on December 11, is to provide free screening for early-stage GI cancers for economically disadvantaged patients in smaller cities and underserved areas.

Endoscopy is essential for detecting gastrointestinal cancers. An endoscope, a tiny camera on a flexible tube, is used to examine the GI tract by inserting it either through the mouth to examine the upper part (esophagus and stomach) or through the anus to examine the lower part (large and small intestines).

However, poor endoscopic infrastructure, a lack of skilled staff, financial constraints, and geographic barriers make it difficult for underserved communities to access this critical procedure.

Fujifilm India’s Endobus mobile endoscopy system will enable doctors to perform GI endoscopy and colonoscopy using FICE technology, aiding in early detection of suspicious lesions. FICE uses algorithms to generate real-time spectral images from conventional white-light images, assigning wavelength components in red, green, and blue spectrums.

Patients with suspected lesions will be transferred to GVN hospitals for advanced diagnosis using LCI and BLI technology, combining optimal light spectrum and advanced signal processing for better visualisation.

Fujifilm India’s Managing Director, Koji Wada, emphasizes the importance of quality healthcare and early detection in combating diseases like gastrointestinal cancer. The initiative, in collaboration with GVN Hospital, aligns with Fujifilm’s brand ethos of using technology for the greater good.

Fujifilm India’s Head of Endoscopy Systems Division, Dheeraj Chaudhri, emphasized the need to provide quality diagnostic services to underserved areas. The company’s mobile endoscopy units, equipped with advanced technology, aim to save lives and encourage regular check-ups, addressing the rising incidence of GI cancers in India.

Fujifilm India and GVN Hospital are collaborating to improve healthcare services by utilizing advanced technologies like LCI and BLI. This collaboration aims to reduce the rate of advanced-stage cancers and other gastrointestinal disorders in remote regions, ultimately improving the quality of life for the underprivileged.


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