Flutin launches new live-streaming tool


The free tool helps a creator to go live from anywhere, stream and promote his/her talent online, and monetize it quickly and easily

New Delhi: Music platform Flutin has announced the launch of its free live-streaming tool. Named “Flutin For Creators”, this tool is dedicated to empower artists and content creators across the globe.

It has been designed by Flutin as a one-stop solution to help different types of creators and social media influencers  go live seamlessly, perform and interact with their fans, and monetize their talents via live-streamed content.

With the launch of Flutin For Creators, Flutin is attempting to expand its authority in the live-streaming domain. The company is expecting all kinds of creators across the globe to perform and promote their talents through its newly-developed platform.

Using the Flutin For Creators tool, all kinds of creators will be able to monetize their online live shows/events/concerts through tickets, virtual gifts and by responding to paid requests from fans and followers.

Creators and social media influencers may also utilize this platform to go live simultaneously on their various social media handles. Furthermore, in terms of ensuring quality streaming experience, creators can have better streaming quality even in low-bandwidth situations by using the platform.

Speaking at the launch of this new platform, Flutin Founder & CEO Vishu Gupta says, “In the post-pandemic times, the trend of online talent showcase through live virtual events and performances has been growing. But it also posed challenges for the creators while doing their online concerts or shows.

The new tool will overcome overcome all such issues, and offer a seamless online performance experience along with multiple opportunities for creators to independently monetize their virtual shows, Mr Gupta adds.



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