HRM tool uKnowva scripting new chapter in social intranet


New Delhi: The social intranet of uKnowva, a mobile-enabled enterprise platform used to scale and automate daily business operations, has 2 lakh interactions among its employees.

The advantages of uKnowva’s social intranet are numerous, as it enables employees to search for information, communicate across the organisation, and collaborate more effectively in the digital workspace. Furthermore, it allows employees to capitalise on their knowledge and increases engagement across departments.

uKnowva’s social intranet improves access to information, knowledge, and communication, allowing employees to collaborate and innovate, increasing company productivity.

Employees benefit from built-in personalization features that provide them with quick information and insights on their personalized dashboards. This allows employees to improve their engagement with the system and communication skills.

uKnowva’s social intranet combines all of the essential features that internal communicators seek on a single platform to help them communicate more effectively while also recognizing, rewarding, receiving feedback, and driving company culture. This also assists businesses in cutting costs and executing a powerful strategy by combining all communication tactics into a single, simple-to-use solution.

Vicky Jain, uKnowva’s founder and CEO

“Our social intranet is built around people, not content.” It keeps employees informed about what’s going on in the organization by providing birthday updates, work anniversaries, community forums, polls, and surveys, company news feeds and notifications, and employee directories, allowing people to get to know each other well even if they haven’t met—all in one interface without switching tabs. The main benefit of this strategy is that all employees have a stake in the company’s intranet. “And there’s a collective responsibility to keep information relevant and up-to-date,” said Mr. Vicky Jain, uKnowva’s founder and CEO.


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