Avaya identifies India as a key growth market


New Delhi: Avaya, a global leader in customer experience solutions, has claimed that its solutions are gaining traction in India, particularly among enterprises looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into the customer experience.

Alan Masarek, on his first visit to India as Avaya CEO, stated that India is a key growth engine for Avaya globally, with significant demand coming from domestic clients and Avaya partners. Airtel, State Bank of India (SBI), and the Government of India are among Avaya’s key customers in India. Its contact centre solutions are used by the National Emergency Response Services (100, 112) and the Aadhaar system in India.

Msarek reported during the visit that Avaya has a significant stake in both government and private sector enterprises, spanning public services, healthcare, BFSI, telecoms, and business process outsourcing. He also emphasised the AI-focused innovations being driven by Avaya’s research and development teams in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. India is home to one-third of Avaya’s 1,700 engineers.

Avaya CEO said, Avaya’s R&D teams in India are driving global growth, particularly in AI-powered innovations, as Indian businesses and government agencies rely on Avaya as their trusted customer experience and communications technology partner.

According to Masarek, Indian enterprises, like their global counterparts, increasingly see their contact centres as enablers for driving differentiated experiences for their end-customers. Customers are looking for an integrator to bring ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies together, and Avaya is well-positioned to play that role, especially as the contact centre incumbent.

Furthermore, Indian businesses are drawn to Avaya because of the company’s unique approach, which enables businesses to access cloud “innovation without disruption,” allowing customers to deploy cloud-based innovation on top of existing communications investments.

The Avaya Experience Platform, which offers an AI-powered contact centre as a service platform, is gaining traction with customers as they embrace Avaya’s approach to enabling businesses to innovate at scale.

Avaya recently released Avaya Experience Platform Connect, which enables organisations to use their existing on-premises infrastructure for voice routing, call handling, and other functions while gaining access to omnichannel voice and digital channels, as well as AI capabilities, from the cloud.

Avaya’s commitment to India, according to Masarek, extends beyond serving its local customers to investing in community development – improving education quality, utilising technology to improve access to health and education, building livelihood capacity, and providing humanitarian relief.

Masarek announced a new partnership with the Magic Bus India Foundation, one of the top five NGOs in India, in keeping with that focus on community development and recognising the need to equip youth with skills that will enhance their employability and enable them to adapt to an ever-changing job market.

Avaya has pledged over 5 million rupees to help fund the establishment of a youth skills centre in Hyderabad. This, combined with Avaya’s expertise in the local customer experience space, will aid in the training of 200 adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds as part of a ‘CX Academy,’ allowing them to get their start in the industry.


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