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Neta App is a first of its kind technology platform in India that lets voters rate and review their political representatives. Over 1.5 crore verified voters in India have already rated or reviewed their local leaders on the Neta App within eight months.

New Delhi: Former President Pranab Mukherjee launched Neta App, a first of its kind technology platform that enables voters to rate their political representatives, at his official residence in the capital on Friday. 

Neta App aims at fostering political accountability by being an early indicator of how a leader’s performance is being perceived by the voters.

Neta app aims to create a deep impact on the political engagement in the country. Apart from the obvious ability to let people rate their MLAs and MPs, the app serves as a useful barometer to gauge voter sentiment at any given point of time, across each constituency in the country.

The App also provides new leaders with an opportunity to showcase their popularity and catch the attention of political parties. Incumbent party candidates will now get a run for their money as anyone who is interested in fighting an election can get featured on the app by gathering a 1000 votes from their constituency.

If they have a good connect with the voters and are receiving a good vote share, there is a possibility that political parties may approach them for a ticket, as they can see the evolving public opinion on the app.

While addressing the audience at the launch, MrMukherjee said, I congratulate the team behind Neta, that their app has done so well to educate the voters, track performance via transparent ratings and help parties select candidates with a good track record. To me, this platform is nothing short of ground breaking and it will take our democracy a notch higher.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “In a democracy like ours there are so many people who are not able to meet their representatives due to the size and scale involved. In such an atmosphere, Neta app will be able to offer voter feedback to representatives on their performance. It will also help parties gauge the performance of their leaders and help them decide which candidates to offer tickets to.”

Over 1.5 crore verified voters have already rated or reviewed their local leaders across all 543 parliamentary constituencies and 4120 assembly constituencies in the country on the app, within eight months.

The app is available on Android, iOS and web in 16 languages keeping in mind the diverse user profile. In order to ensure participation across demographics, including the rural heartlands, Neta app uses multiple mediums like the app, IVR calls, SMS and even offline activations with the help of Aashawadi and Aanganwadi workers, to gather data on the evolving political inclinations.

According to Pratham Mittal, Founder, Neta App, “The world’s largest democracy deserves a platform where we as voters can rate our politicians and question them. Neta aims to do just that. We are looking to have 100 million users on the platform before 2019 polls.”

-SG Bureau


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