Trezi expands its immersive platform


New Delhi: Virtual Reality (VR) solutions startup Trezi has expanded its immersive platform with segment-specific products: Trezi Lens for architects and designers, Trezi Showcase for building product manufacturers and Trezi Academy for architecture and design students.

With this new launch, Trezi now offers solutions customized to address the needs of various users. As an immersive bridge between the architect, designer and the client, Trezi Lens facilitates a real-time and interactive design experience that articulates design intent to match client expectations in a comprehensive manner.

Building products have often been a plug-in that comes in after the initial design stage instead of being a simultaneous addition, and hence the integration of these products is left to the intuitive understanding of the architect. Therefore, for building product manufacturer brands seeking an efficient platform to showcase their products, Trezi Showcase is the bridge that connects them with architects and designers, enabling faster, better-informed decision-making. It facilitates real-time interactions with end-clients and improves product discovery in a more cost-efficient manner. Trezi Showcase allows customers to include digital twins of specific products and catalogues.

In addition, Trezi has also launched Trezi Academy, an academic platform conceptualised to prepare budding design aspirants and professionals for a technology-enabled architectural practice. As architecture schools incorporate more digital elements into their curriculum, there is a growing awareness of the need to acquire hands-on experience of VR platforms such as Trezi for students seeking better employment opportunities.

Talking about this expansion, architect and Trezi Founder, Tithi Tiwari, said “As architects and designers, we understand the challenges faced by design teams and their clients in comprehensively communicating and making design decisions. These processes have become a lot more complicated and tedious due to the current pandemic. With the launch of Trezi Lens, Trezi Showcase and Trezi Academy, we are extremely optimistic and elated to be able to do our bit within the industry.”


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