SankalpTaru Foundation employs blockchain technology in its operations


New Delhi: SankalpTaru Foundation, one of India’s leading IT-enabled NGOs, has announced a partnership with Polygon to implement blockchain technology. With this integration, the SankalpTaru Foundation becomes the first Indian NGO working in environmental conservation. It also contributes to the trust of its donors by providing them with an additional handle to verify the veracity of information, including the tree data shared with them.

Blockchain enables the recording and distribution of digital information such as tree URLs with basic details such as tree image, tree ID, and geolocation with no scope for editing, deletion, or destruction of any data. Through Blockchain, we would build trust among our donors and sponsors and encourage them to plant millions of trees to combat the war against climate change.”

The Blockchain is an information management technology that employs a distributed processing architecture to protect data transactions from unauthorised changes, hacks, and corruption. If someone attempts to change or tamper with a record in one instance of the database, the other nodes will cross-reference each other and easily identify the node with the incorrect information.

As a result, this system aids in the establishment of an exact and transparent order of events. SankalpTaru would be able to ensure that the trees planted by its individual and corporate donors are never duplicated or reassigned to anyone else.

According to Apurva Bhandari, founder of the SankalpTaru Foundation, “SankalpTaru has always pioneered through its various creative interventions and has brought technology closer to the cause.”

Every tree planted in the digital forest would have unique data and a placeholder to cross-check the information shared with the donors.

Green customers are environmentally conscious and choose to donate their time, money, and trust in order to make the planet more livable. SankalpTaru and Polygon’s blockchain initiative exists to ensure that one’s tree data is highly validated and immutable. This integration is expected to transform the way data is stored and accessed.

This integration is a shining example of bringing new green opportunities to the world of technology.

SankalpTaru is one of the largest Indian non-profits working on tree plantation activities in 25 Indian states and UTs, and it has a reputation for planting trees in some of the most difficult terrains


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