Prez inaugurates ‘Tribal Mirror’ gallery at Rashtrapati Bhavan


New Delhi:  President  Draupadi Murmu inaugurated the ‘Tribal Mirror’ Gallery at the Marble Hall of Rashtrapati Bhavan to mark the completion of one year in office as the President. The ‘Tribal Mirror’ gallery is a collaborative effort of Rashtrapati Bhavan and Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA).

This gallery is an initiative to represent the common and connecting cultural traits of various Janjati communities in Bharat. The ‘Tribal Mirror’ gallery inaugurated by the President is a gallery showcasing the common and unifying cultural characteristics of various tribal communities.

The gallery aims to provide a glimpse into the rich art, culture, and contribution of tribal communities to nation-building.

The gallery consists of different themes such as unsung Tribal Freedom Fighters, Traditional Natural Resource management practises such as Halma, Dokra Art, Musical Instruments, Gunjala Gondi Script, Agricultural and Household implements, Bamboo Baskets, Textiles, Paintings such as Warli, Gondi, and Mud Art, scrolls, masks, and jewellery, Metal works, Weapons, Contemporary Photographs depicting the Tattoos, a diorama depicting an ecological setting, and Sceptres.

The artworks and objects displayed and curated in this gallery are sourced from the archives of the Janapada Sampada Division of IGNCA, the Ministry of Culture, the Government of India, and the Adi Kala Sangeet, Hyderabad (Adi-Dhwani Foundation).

Most of the artefacts and objects displayed in this gallery have been created by the tribal artists themselves, and they have also participated in curating it. More than 60 photos of Telangana photojournalist Satish Andekar, who captured tribal life and culture with his camera, are also part of this gallery.


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