Neeman’s partners Woolmark; launches Merino wool made shoes in India


New Delhi: Footwear brand Neeman’s in partnership with the Woolmark Company – the global authority on wool – launched a range of shoes made from Merino wool.

Neeman’s is India’s first footwear brand to use the natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre in its shoes.

The company showcased its timelessly attractive range of men’s shoes in unique experiential zones.

The shoes – conceptualised in America and designed in London – are made from the finest Merino wool from Australia, with the insoles made from plant-based castor bean oil and recycled rubber, which promises to offer the best comfort through all seasons in India.

Celebrating the unique organic inclusion in Indian lifestyle through their exclusive men’s shoes, Neeman’s Founder, Taran Chhabra said it was his own personal struggle to find a shoe that could truly provide all-day comfort.

“This led me to look beyond synthetic fibres and my search ended with the naturally versatile Merino wool fibre,” he said.

“Neeman’s has created a path-breaking collection of shoes by using Merino wool from Australia, which is superfine and lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable, naturally odour resistant and keeps skin cool and dry even in extreme temperatures.”

“Traditionally, wool has been sought as a product for winter because it’s bulky, heavy on the skin. Neeman’s is breaking this myth by using Australian Merino wool, which is superfine, eco-friendly and lightweight,” Neeman’s Co-Founder Amar Preet said.

Ajay Pradhan, Marketing Manager, The Woolmark Company, India said, “The Woolmark Company is looking at innovative ways to showcase the versatility of the Merino wool fibre and this collaboration with Neeman’s allows us to do exactly that. ”

Neeman’s shoe collection comprises joggers (multi-functional lightweight running shoe), classic sneakers with a modern twist, and simple yet elegant loafers, in subtle colours fit for all occasions.

Neeman’s shoes are suitable to wear throughout the year with the ability to withstand every weather condition. Each shoe has an upper made from Merino wool and are of high-quality and available at
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