National Power Summit – 2023 (Lucknow)

National Power Summit: Empowering India’s Energy Sector
Venue: Lucknow
Date: August* , 2023

The National Power Summit, aims to bring together key stakeholders from the energy sector to discuss and explore the potential solutions in revolutionizing India’s power sector. The summit will serve as a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices, fostering collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of a sustainable and resilient energy future.


  • Foster collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders, including government bodies, power utilities, industry experts, technology providers, and academia to collectively address challenges and find innovative solutions for the power sector.
  • Knowledge sharing: Provide a platform for sharing best practices, success stories, and lessons learned in power generation, transmission, distribution, and smart grid technologies.
  • Policy discussions: Engage policymakers and regulatory bodies to discuss policy frameworks, reforms, and strategies that can enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and affordability of power supply in India.
  • Technology showcase: Highlight emerging technologies and solutions in power with a specific focus on digital transformation, renewable energy integration, energy storage, and smart grid technologies.
  • Capacity building: Promote skill development and capacity building initiatives in the power sector to enhance the expertise and capabilities of professionals working in the industry.


a. Power sector reforms and policy frameworks – Role of e-Governance in power sector transformation

b. Renewable energy integration and sustainable power generation

c. Technologies for efficient and reliable power distribution system.

d. Digital transformation and automation in power sector- Data analytics and artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance and outage management.

e. Cybersecurity and data privacy in the digital power ecosystem.

f. Rural electrification and last-mile connectivity

g. Skill Development Initiatives of the Sector


  • GOI Secretary/Additional Secretary/ Joint Secretary
  • UP Govt Power Secretary
  • GOI Directors
  • Power Grid CMD / Directors
  • REC CMD / Directors
  • Discom CEOs/MDs/Directors
  • Power Finance Corporation – MD/Director
  • Delegates from Power Multinational
  • Researchers and Academicians
  • Representatives from development agencies
  • * Date to be announced soon