MedLern trains more than a lakh medical professionals

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

New Delhi: MedLern, India’s leading full-stack hospital training platform, has enrolled more than one lakh medical professionals in the country, marking a significant milestone in the country’s healthcare readiness.

The training platform developed by MedLern is intended for hospital-wide adoption and serves nurses (40%), doctors (20%), and other healthcare workers. MedLern has enabled over 500 institutions, including government hospitals and medical colleges, private medical institutions, and several non-medical professional bodies, along the way.

MedLern’s solutions are being adopted by large specialty chains, independent hospitals, single specialty chains, and independent secondary, tertiary, and single specialty units across the country, with a presence in 25 of the 30 states.

MedLern is gaining traction in large metropolitan areas as well as Tier 3 cities due to its innovative approach to introducing local language features, microlearning, competency, and privileges.

MS Ramaiah, Medica, Motherhood, Indus, Bethany, KIMS Health, Yenepoya, MGM, Aster Kasturba Manipal Hospital, Jaiparakash, CK Birla, Mehta, Dharan, Yashoda, and many other hospitals have formed partnerships with MedLern.

“MedLern is demonstrating the importance of systematic and structured training in achieving successful patient and business outcomes in healthcare.” Hospital leaders can potentially avoid costly adverse events and revenue leaks by proactively addressing skill and training gaps in nursing training, soft skills, quality, and operational excellence. said Mr. Deepak Sharma, MedLern’s co-founder and CEO.




















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