IPCA, organizes  pollution awareness campaign with CPCB , EDMC


New Delhi: Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in collaboration with East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) organized an awareness campaign “ek aur kadam swachhta ki oaur”- a campaign to beat plastic pollution on Friday here. Experts and senior officials from CPCB and EDMC actively participated in the campaign.

Plastic pollution is a huge environment and health issues as it harms us in more than one way such as it clogs drains, causes visual pollution and proves fatal for stay animals. So, to spread awareness among people on the hazards of plastic, CPCB has taken an initiative of “EK AUR KADAM SWACHHTA KI AUR” to create awareness on plastic waste management among the residents of East Delhi.

The campaign was started with the street play to motivate and encourage the community to reduce, reuse, recycle plastic waste and use the fabric (Cotton or Jute) bags instead of plastic bags which creates many health and environment hazards. The main motive behind this campaign was to spread the awareness to beat plastic pollution.

Speaking on the occasion IPCA Founder Director Ashish Jain said “Cleaning of roads, parks and other public areas are not only government’s responsibility but public’s responsibility too. Everyone talks about cleanliness, but when it comes down to actually doing it, only a few come forward. If we think the whole country as a home then it would be easy to make our country plastic free.”

Rakesh Giri for SG


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