Grand Venice Mall : Tourists’ new destination in NCR


By Niwedita
Country’s first Venetian theme based mega tourist destination Venice Mall, located at Greater Noida in Delhi –NCR has added two new features in its pack of entertainments to attract visitors.

India’s first of its kind Zip line ride inside a mall and North India’s largest Trampoline Adventure Park, are parts of this new drive of the promoters of the Mall.

A zip line ride is a unique and exhilarating experience during which one flies down a series of ultra-strong steel cables, attached by a harness and pulley. Total length of the ride is 250 metres and it takes 3 minutes to complete a ride. This is fixed at the height of 80 ft inside the mall and five people can take the ride at the same time. The ride is certified for safety and has three line safety – measure.

The other new feature Trampoline Park also launched today is spread in an area of 40,000.sqft. In this Park, there is more than just Trampolines. The visitor can enjoy and distress with Basket ball, jumping the pit, Jumping & climbing, bowling and speed running and made for people of all age –groups.

The Venice Mall Founder said the Trampoline Park is an international concept. People in the USA go to these parks to bust their stress. He said with these added features, Grand Venice is not just a Mall but a tourist destination for all age groups.

You have activities, fun games, adventure games and rides, 7D projection, House of Dead and multiple activities for one and all.” he said.

The Grand Venice has been set up by Bhasin Infotech & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, spread across 3.2 million square feet area.


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