Govt launches SATAT initiative to promote compressed bio-gas


New Delhi: The government has launched an innovative initiative aimed at setting up of Compressed Bio-Gas production plants and make it available in the market for use in automotive fuels by inviting Expression of Interest from potential entrepreneurs.

The initiative is aimed at providing Sustainable alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) as a development effort that would benefit both vehicle-users as well as farmers and entrepreneurs.

Speaking at a function in New Delhi, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the government has planned to set up 5,000 Compressed Bio Gas plants in the country in the next five years with an investment of around one lakh 75 thousand crore rupees.

This has the potential of providing 75 thousand direct employment opportunities and lakhs of indirect jobs. The plants will also produce Bio-fertilizers as a by-product which can be utilized by farmers.

Mr Pradhan said that the Government is keen to set up 5000 CBG plants in the next 5 years, and for this purpose, production offtake guarantee is being given for such plants. There will be no restriction on the technology choice and Government is incurring Rs 75,000 Crore capital expenditure for setting up an infrastructure for City Gas distribution network.

Besides the potential to boost availability of more affordable transport fuels, better use of agricultural residue, cattle dung and municipal solid waste, the CBG plants will provide an additional revenue source to farmers, and 75,000 direct job opportunities and lakhs of indirect jobs.

He said that not only OMCs, but also other Gas distribution companies and other concerned departments should also take part in it. The Minister said that currently 42 lakh households are getting PNG supply, and there is a commitment to cover 2 crore households in 300 districts by the suppliers after the implementation of the 9th round of CGD bids.

JP Gupta for SG Bureau


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