GiveIndia relaunches India COVID Response Fund -2 to tackle health crisis


Banglore: To mitigate the impact of the current Covid pandemic on the country’s health sector and people at large,  the online donation platform GiveIndia on Friday relaunched its highly impactful India COVID Response Fund, ICRF-2. 

The aim is to galvanise funds to alleviate the escalating health crisis in several ways and for humanitarian aid such as cash relief for low-income families of the deceased and food for the hungry.

Launched last week, ICRF-2 is currently focusing on supporting five key interventions to ease the suffering caused by a brutal second wave of COVID-19 sweeping the country.

“GiveIndia, started raising funds to Boost oxygen supply, Donate food to families struggling with hunger in Covid second wave, Give cash support to families of COVID deceased, Save critical patients from fighting corona at home, and Donate reusable pads to women who have access to none”, said the press release.

It said the organization’s aim is to boosting oxygen supply from the fund which has been raised to almost 35 crore rupees so far from individual donations.

“The funds will go towards setting up oxygen generation plants in hospitals and Covid care centres, providing oxygen concentrators and cylinders and facilitating the refilling of cylinders,” it said.

“All this will be done in partnership with municipal corporations, state governments, hospitals and doctors, and select NGO networks,” said the GiveIndia.

Funds will be disbursed only after GiveIndia’s strict due diligence and verification of all demand and supply channels are completed.

CEO and Founder 2.0 of GiveIndia Atul Satija said “We have launched India COVID Response Fund-2 to bring our collective humanity together and raise funds for the most pressing needs caused by the current situation.

“We are fairly confident that people from all walks of life will be driven by compassion to come forward and contribute to this collective.” he added.

Some of the early donors include Google who has donated cash aid for struggling families of the deceased from COVID. Other brands to have partnered with the nonprofit are PhonePe,

Flipkart, Myntra, Xiaomi, Swiggy, Dream 11, Walmart, Salesforce and PayPal. GiveIndia has also received support from Vinod Khosla, Jay Shetty, Ray Dalio among others.

Earlier, the GiveIndia had raised over  220+ crore for the same purpose.


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