Fujifilm introduces high-end analog instant camera


New Delhi: FUJIFILM India announced the newest introduction to the FUJIFILM INSTAX family of analogue instant cameras with the debut of its FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 99 instant camera (MINI 99). The INSTAX MINI 99 instant camera will be sold at a maximum retail price starting at Rs. 20,999/-. The product will be available on April 4th at www.Instax.in and various online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.

Along with the new camera, INSTAX is launching a new print film dubbed Photo Slide. Taking the client experience to the next level, these designer films will increase the visual impact of the photo, raising the aesthetics to new heights.

FUJIFILM India’s Managing Director, Koji Wada, announced the launch of INSTAX MINI 99 in India, marking the first launch since the unveiling of their new group philosophy, aiming to spread more smiles in the world.

Mr. Arun Babu, Associate Director and Head of Digital Camera, Instax, and Optical Devices Business at Fujifilm India, stated, “We are proud to announce our flagship analogue camera, the INSTAX MINI 99, which will enable users to unleash their creativity and artistic expression like never before.” Users will be supplied with tools that not only capture their favorite moments, but also allow for research and experimentation, thanks to the newly incorporated features.

The mini 99 is a more advanced version of the globally successful INSTA mini 90. It includes new functions that use analogue technology to expand the range of print expressions, such as “Color Effect Control,” which applies lights of various colors directly to a film to produce six different color expressions, and “Vignette Mode,” which reduces exposure around the edges to bring the focus to the center of each image.

Print expressions can vary depending on the shooting settings, allowing users to make distinctive INSTAX prints with remarkable flare.

The camera body has a leather-like matte feel that is pleasant to handle and exhibits a classic design with a luxury look and texture appropriate for a high-end model.

The new functions of the mini 99: Color Effect Control and Vignette Mode can be combined with Brightness Control, using a dial on the side of the camera body, further expands the range of print expressions. The new camera also inherits functions from the mini 90™, including Landscape macro, and indoor modes with enhanced image quality, Sports mode*2, ideal for shooting a fast-moving subject and Self Timer for group shots. Shooting modes for manipulating light are also available, including Bulb and Double Exposure modes.


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