FujiFilm India launches breast cancer awareness drive


Faridabad: A leading name in the field of women’s health care imaging, FujiFilm India, launched a special campaign for early detection and awareness of breast cancer on National Cancer Awareness Day on Monday.

In line with their strong commitment, FujiFilm India has announced the “Find It Early, Fight It Early” breast cancer screening campaign. The campaign was launched at the Dr. Suraj Prakash Health Centre, operated by the Bharat Vikas Parishad, an NGO in Faridabad.

FujiFilm India has launched this campaign in 19 cities to combat breast cancer and reduce the fear associated with it. They have collaborated with 35 modern diagnostic centres, all of which offer FujiFilm’s most advanced digital mammography solution, the Emulate. FujiFilm India aims to reach over 90,000 women each year with free services, making early detection available to all and ensuring equal healthcare for all.

This programme is designed for women aged 30 to 65 who are experiencing breast cancer symptoms. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about early breast cancer detection and to encourage women in urban slums and low-income communities to get early screening and treatment.

Speaking at the launch event, FujiFilm India Managing Director Koji Wada, stated, “Find It Early, Fight It Early is, in fact, an effort by FujiFilm India to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and regular screening for lifestyle-related diseases. As part of this campaign, we created a promotional video earlier this year to enhance awareness about early breast cancer detection. In these videos about breast cancer, our brand ambassador, Mrs. Sonali Bendre, will educate about prevention against such cancer.”

While lauding the initiative, Faridabad Deputy Commissioner Vikram Singh said it was a proud moment for Faridabad because the campaign was launched from one of the city’s pioneer hospitals. He also promised the district administration’s full support for the drive.

On this occasion, Chandra Shekhar Sibal, Vice President of Healthcare Business at FujiFilm India, stated, “Because early detection and easy access are critical in the fight against breast cancer, we have launched an on-ground campaign today.”

He said, “Our action demonstrates our dedication to women’s health care. From now on, we will make every effort to ensure the success of this campaign. Raising awareness about the importance of early detection is key to success here. Every woman should be encouraged to come forward, get checked, and understand the meaning of ‘Find It Early, Fight It Early.”

Dr. Ramesh Agrawal, Director of Dr. Suraj Prakash Arogya Kendra, Faridabad, said of the initiative, “We believe that with the help of women across the country, we will ensure a healthier future for everyone.” As a result, our collaboration with FujiFilm India for noble causes such as early detection of breast cancer is entirely consistent with our beliefs. Together, we will provide essential education to women so that they can make informed health decisions.”

According to global data from 2020, breast cancer accounts for approximately 13.50% of all cancer cases, with breast cancer accounting for 10.6% of cancer-related deaths, or 90,408 deaths.



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