Fujifilm India enters into the office printer market; launches six A3 multifunction printers


New Delhi: Fujifilm India, a leading innovator in business solutions, today announced the launch of its A3 multifunction printers, the Apeos series, for the first time in India. The printers are developed by Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp.

FUJIFILM India will be selling the A3 colour multifunction printers, Apeos C3060, C2560, and C2060, and the A3 monochrome multifunction printers, Apeos 3560, 3060, and 2560, with a focus on productivity, reliability, and growing demands in the work environment. The printers provide uncompromising usability, enhanced security, and quick and simple operability to support users’ success in India.

Equipped with standard capabilities such as single-pass duplex document feeder, searchable OCR (optical character recognition), and NFC (near-field communication as a short-range wireless technology) printing, these printers aim to increase overall office efficiency across all industries, from enterprise, corporate, and SME to government.

“With India’s rising economy and its attractive location for all industries, we are excited to enter this market through FUJIFILM India and provide our years of expertise in enabling digital transformation to all businesses in India,” said Masatsugu Naito, President, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. “We truly understand the challenges faced by each business in terms of productivity, data security, and business operations, and our multifunction printers are developed not only to address these challenges but also to boost collaboration, enjoy business continuity, and increase efficiency. Understanding what our customers need and developing solutions for them is our mandate.”

“The maiden launch of this new printer business along with cutting-edge technology is a significant milestone in the journey of Fujifilm India as a company, which started its humble journey in 2007,”. said Koji Wada, Managing Director, Fujifilm India. “We have always strived to bring the best global products and solutions of Fujifilm to India because we saw the vast opportunities in this vibrant country of 1.42 billion people. This new business introduction is a testimony to the confidence that the Fujifilm Group has in India.

FUJIFILM India envisions itself as a leading company that brings value to society with our innovation.”

“Fujifilm has always been customer-centric and developed products to meet their requirements,” said Priyatosh Kumar, Head, Graphic Communications, FUJIFILM India. “In India, Fujifilm has a very strong portfolio of products that straddles various industry segments. The start of the printer business, where we will be selling A3 and A4 office products, is just an extension of that offering. “By partnering with Fujifilm Business Innovation, a market leader in the multifunction printer industry in Asia Pacific, Oceania, and Japan, we aim to provide significant benefits such as enhanced job efficiency and quality, increased productivity, and cost management to our customers.”

Main features of Apeos C3060, C2560, and C2060 and Apeos 3560, 3060, and 2560

  • High-resolution printing of 1,200×2,400 dpi for Apeos C3060, C2560, and C2060 (1,200×1,200 dpi for Apeos 3560, 3060, and 2560), combined with the image enhancement for smooth reproduction of slanting lines and outlines of characters, as well as the auto-correction technology for accurate print images with fine colour registration for Apeos C3060, C2560, and C2060
  • Models with single-pass duplex scanning and automatic document feeding improve work efficiency with high-speed scanning of 80 pages per minute.
  • Advanced scanning functions support your digitalization process with features including searchable OCR, automatic orientation of scanned pages to upright positions, correcting skewed pages, and removing blank pages.
  • Security functions mitigate and protect data against any malicious intent of hacking, sniffing, or tampering with strong encryption for stored or transferring data and prevent unauthorised access or inadvertent information leakage.


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