Dew Solutions unveils AnnSeva app to track food distribution


New Delhi: Gurgaon-based IT solutions firm, Dew Solutions has launched a suite of B2B offerings to help individuals and enterprises fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s newly launched AnnSeva app helps NGOs and food donors keep track of the food distributed along with checking if a person is not hoarding food through facial recognition using Artificial Intelligence.

The app’s users can create a food distribution session and start distributing food to the needy by adding consumers and scanning their face image. The distributor can also get a summary of the total distribution done so far along with the stats for the last distribution session. 

“At Dew Solutions, we realised that there is an ongoing issue of people hoarding food supplies while others straining themselves due to reckless hoarding. We have come up with a Facial recognition app for Android and IOS devices called AnnSeva through which the food distributing NGO members can seamlessly receive the quota of food for any individual by simply scanning their face and looking at their past distribution history,” Dew Solutions Founder & CEO Dhiraj Chauhan said.

The accuracy levels of facial detection are really high and the person can even be identified in a group. The idea is to ensure that food is distributed evenly so that maximum people can be benefited out of it. We would request that through your medium these apps are offered to NGOs to bring in transparency and trackability into the food distribution line. The apps are available free for anyone who wishes to use,” h added.

Besides Ann Seva, the firm has also come up with a suite of mobile apps during the ongoing nationwide lockdown, including  ‘Fight Karo Na’, a contact tracing app for Android & IOS that works on Bluetooth and GPS technology to ascertain contact tracing in true form.


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