Believe UNI score of 50 Chinese casualties in standoff with India



New Delhi: A PTI report quoting official sources based on US intelligence reports said, 35 were dead and injured on the Chinese side during the clash in Galwan Valley. On the other hand, another news agency UNI has reported 50 casualties on the Chinese side.

UNI has quoted official sources vaguely. But insiders say UNI is more authentic as it has a direct connection with Chinese state-controlled news agency Xinhua with whom it has forged a tie-up. A country that does not offer even a mild fever in free has offered the free package to UNI, now standing on verge of collapse.

 There are conflicting reports about the casualties on both sides and websites and social media platforms are flooded with their authentic source of information. Then who should a common reader rely on for authenticity of the news?

Thanks to India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and its subsidiary Prasar Bharati which are paying heavily every month to this pro-China outlook news agency. How this news agency inked MoU with Chinese news agency without informing the Indian government is still a mystery and a matter of serious investigation?

To cover up its wrongdoings since the last couple of years the UNI has refrained from appointing a full-time Editor and General Manager for the company. The only Editor who was looking after the Hindi services retired this month but the management reportedly re-employed him on a contract basis so that skeletons in the cupboard do not go out.

UNI Chairman Vishwas Tripahy with Ms Meenakshi Lekhi, MP at an event.

The Chairman of the UNI Mr. Vishwas Tripathy, continuing for the record 8th year at the helm of UNI affairs, claims to have close contacts in the ruling BJP government in the Centre. He claims to have good relations with Central Delhi MP Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, who was supporting his role in UNI from all sides, no matter the UNI continues to stand in the same posture as its Editor.


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