5G-enabled ambulances deployed at Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata


Hyderabad: HealthNet Global has unveiled its cutting-edge 5G-connected ambulance at Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals in Kolkata.

This custom-designed ambulance is poised to change the face of emergency medical services by leveraging the power of 5G technology for real-time patient monitoring and rapid communication. The 5G-enabled ambulance is more than just an ambulance; it is a fully integrated mobile healthcare unit outfitted with the most advanced medical technologies and connectivity features.

This ambulance is designed to provide a seamless bridge between the scene of an emergency and the hospital, with advanced patient monitoring applications and telemetry devices transmitting real-time health data.

This cutting-edge ambulance is outfitted with advanced medical equipment that allows for real-time monitoring of the patient’s vital signs. The information is instantly transmitted to the hospital, allowing emergency room doctors to make critical decisions even before the patient arrives.

The ambulance is also outfitted with onboard cameras and bodycams for paramedics. This visual data, transmitted over the ultra-fast 5G network, provides doctors with a live feed, facilitating collaboration and allowing hospital specialists to provide virtual guidance for critical procedures.

The hospital’s command centre can precisely track the ambulance’s location in real-time thanks to the low latency of the 5G network. This feature guarantees a quick response time, maximising the critical “golden hour” for emergency care.

HealthNet Global’s CEO, Vikram Thaploo, praised the 5G-connected ambulance deployment at Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata. He emphasized the technology’s potential to enhance real-time communication and data transmission, demonstrating HealthNet Global’s commitment to innovation and setting a precedent for future emergency medical services.

“Connected ambulances will play a critical role in assisting emergency department staff in targeting treatment and prioritising urgent cases,” said Mr. Rana Dasgupta, CEO-Eastern Region, Apollo Hospitals Group.



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